Connecting to Music

The past few years, I have been perusing a career in music, especially hip-hop production.  I have produced four mixtapes, and a countless number of beats, but I have to say that only in the past few weeks, I have truly been 100 percent proud with the beats I have been making.  Of course there are exceptions  that have made their way onto my previous collab projects such as Matt Coonz’s mixtape “Wannabe MC” which we released in August of this year.  But prior to that, I do not think that i can say I have consistently been happy with the music I have created.  I think what I learned in the past few weeks is more than I learned in all the years I have been making music.  You have to connect to you music.  Stop thinking about so much music theory that your music sounds forced, but rather play what sounds good, and what really hits your heart when you hear it.  You can not make hot beats by reading an article online saying “you have to do this” or “you gotta do that” because that will just lead to someone elses style of music, not yours.  So from this point on, I am not going to try to make a “Kanye” style beat, or a “Wayne” style beat, but rather a Brian Temme style beat, and I promise for whoever does listen to my music, you will not be disappointed.


On a side note, as for my future music plans, Matt Coonan and I will be releasing our first studio project sometime next year, and will be releasing a single off of that project January 1, 2013.  Once again I love all of you who have kept me inspired and I hope you all come along for this journey, because it is only going to get better.


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2 thoughts on “Connecting to Music

  1. Hi, good luck with your career, you seem pretty talented! Just wondering what your thoughts on artists such as Frank Ocean and the Weeknd are? They’re a couple of my favourite hip-hop/R&B artists around at the moment and I keep mentioning them on my blog! Cheers.

    • MrTemmtation says:

      Hi, I have so much respect for Frank Ocean first of all. I actually wrote about him in an earlier blog post I have written. The guts he had to come out and express his homosexuality to the public and put his career on the line is unbelievable to me. Also, I believe that he may be one of the greater R&B lyricists out right now and he is definitely doing his thing. As for the Weekend, I enjoy listening to them and also enjoyed the huge album they released, but I have not heard enough of The Weekend’s music to be able to post a full opinion on them. From what I heard, the music is great and I will definitely be looking forward to hearing more.

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