Welcome! Get a Free Beat!

What’s up everybody? My name is Brian “Mr Temmtation” Temme, and I am currently a sophomore in college and I am studying music/audio production and I am Majoring in Music Industry.  I’ve been making Hip-Hop beats ever since freshman year in high school.  I’ve the years i personally felt my music has progressed so i decided to try selling my beats to local rappers around my school and town, and I gotta say.  Selling my first beat was a huge adrenaline rush.  I’ve always wanted to be be a music producer or engineer but that moment that I sold that beat, was the moment that my career choice was set in stone.  I continued selling beats locally up until right after graduation when i purchased my VIP Soundclick account.  I began selling more beats, but still nothing like i had in mind.  I really just needed exposure, and I still do, which is why I have created this blog.  I am not making this blog in order to just rake in more sales with my music, but rather gain connections, network and simply just get out there a little more.  To prove this, for the rest of the month, I am going to give away a free beat, to anyone who is a fan of my facebook page, and writes on my wall.  If you share this page as well, I will include my own personal drum kit which i use on just about all of my productions.  Simply as that, no fine print.

So what do I have planned? First of all every week I am going to have a “Weekly Sample” post, starting tonight.  I am going to go through all of my samples that I have and I will post a gem for all of you guys to flip.  Even if you do not produce, its still some good music that you can enjoy!  I will continuously be adding to the “Downloads” section of the site providing you guys with free VST instruments, and effects, along with drums to build your collection.  I am going to be adding a “Tutorials” section soon and post a series of tutorials on there that I believe will bring you in a good direction.  There’s a lot of useless crap that people throw on Youtube when they usually have no clue what they are talking about so I will scrape out all of the good stuff for ya!

So those are my intentions.  Hopefully you guys come along for the ride and get some enjoyment out of it too! Keep producing!

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